Awareness of dialogue

Workshop on dialogue from a systemic approach

Just as the body is formed initially in the mother’s womb (body), a person’s consciousness awakens wrapped in another’s consciousness
(Stewart & Zediker, 2000)

To understand human communication better, we do not need any new theories. We need to elaborate critically the spontaneous theory of language we already possess
(Stewart & Zediker, 2000)

Humans are mainly relational, and language is our means to create common fields of understanding. Dialogue becomes a very important element that plays a crucial role in our interactions. But what is behind the word “dialogue”? What does it mean for each of us? What are the behaviours we expect from the other(s) when we engage in dialogue?
Dialogue is a complex phenomenon, and most of us have seen it fail more often than it succeeds. Still, it is seen by many people as the most reliable way to achieve common goals, to reach peace, or to develop innovations. So how can we help our clients be more successful in their dialogues?
Our level of awareness of dialogue as we enter a conversation will determine the outcome. In this workshop, we will systemically examine the concept and process of dialogue and its elements to see how they play in our relational landscape.

For whom?
We invite established counselling practitioners as  well as change leaders and co-creators who see dialogue as a key tool for transforming people, organisations  and societies.

What will the day be about?
Together, we will engage in exploring the phenomenon of dialogue both in theory and practice. We will provide opportunities for experience sharing and networking among the participants throughout the day.

You will leave with
• a stronger understanding of the key theories of dialogue
• experience of what determines success or break-down of dialogue
• practical tools for how to develop dialogic skills with your clients, both organisations and individuals.

Practical information
Place: Ekskäret Klustret, Birger Jarlsgatan 58, Stockholm
Date: November 25, 2019
Time: 9.30-16.30
Price: 1 550 SEK excluding VAT

The workshop will be held by three practitioners with different experiences relating to exploring dialogue.

Maider Gorostidi is a researcher in dialogue and humanistic leadership from the University of Bilbao and the University of Stockholm. She also works as a a consultant in Organizational Develo pment and Change in her home town Bilbao. Her deep experience is with Non-Governmental Organizations in changing processes applying systemic and dialogic approaches. (

Anna Thurdin Hedblad is a psychosynthesis counsellor and an organisational constellator with deep experience of working with organisational and leadership development across business and the public sector, in Sweden and abroad. She is the founder of PAX Ledarskap, a partner of the European network of constellators CoBrAS, and a former member of the Board of the Psychosynthesis Academy in Stockholm. (

Helena Kallner is an internationally practising Gestalt Therapist with a particular interest in how we relate and support contact through movement and Embodied Dialogue. She is a certified trainer and supervisor of Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy and an on-going student of conscious dance and movement practices. She is a Ph.D. student in Psychotherapy at Metanoia Institute/ Middlesex University, and a member of the Board at thee Gestalt Academy in Stockholm.


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