Self-Organizing Leadership

navigate in the unknown with curiosity, awareness, and courage

In order to be successful in your organization, do you see a need for a fundamental change in your ways of leading and collaborating, but are searching for the mechanisms to make it happen? Are you missing something vital to move forward, something beyond methods and tools? Do you work self-organized to a great extent today, but want to take the next step? 

If you want to deepen your understanding of self-organizing principles and how you make it a reality – this Training Program is for you.  

To be successful in an unpredictable and rapidly changing environment, more and more people are experimenting with new, more dynamic ways of working together. Meaningful interactions between people is given priority over processes and tools, and decisions are made where the knowledge is. Agile, Teal, Holacratic, Progressive, Horizontal, Decentralized or Trust-based are some of the terms used to describe these types of organizations.

The Gestalt Academy of Scandinavia, with its many years of experience in developing leaders in organizational development, is pleased to offer a new training in this  field. 

Why Gestalt Methodology?
There is a direct link between Gestalt methodology and the new ways of organizing, leading and working that are now emerging. The Gestalt methodology helps us to develop a present, authentic, intuitive and conscious leadership. It focuses on personal and interpersonal skills and helps us adopt a holistic approach to organizations. What happens here-and-now and the experimental approach is the starting point for learning – both on a personal and organizational level.

This training is for you
– who have a role where you can influence how you lead, organize and collaborate
– who have a passion for contributing to more self-organized ways of working
– who want to grow and develop, personally and professionally, in order to navigate in uncertainty with curiosity, awareness and courage, and contribute to a sustainable culture of change

Purpose and goals
For your organization
Your workplace – with its challenges, needs and aspirations – is the working material that you bring to the training program. In other words, you send your workplace to a ‘boot camp’, with you as catalyst for change. Your organization should expect concrete effects from day one. Here are some areas where you will be able to contribute in new ways:

  • Create enabling and liberating structures
  • Understand and work constructively with resistance and obstacles
  • Find ‘sweet spots’ for influencing in your organization – interventions that release energy and capacity
  • Increase creativity and capacity for innovation 
  • Increase accountability, commitment, and collaboration at all levels of the system

For you as an individual
We support you to find your way to lead by:

  • Clarifying your inner compass and your personal values
  • Increasing your awareness of your patterns of thinking, feeling and doing, how you affect others and how others affect you
  • Shaking up your habitual ways of doing things to help you see new opportunities
  • Strengthening your trust in your presence, intuition and spontaneity
  • Managing complexity and navigating in uncertainty
  • Influencing others with authenticity and integrity
  • Mobilizing the courage and awareness to explore new ways to influence your organization
  • Ensuring that methods and tools are anchored in you, and help you get results wherever you are operating

Way of working
The working method is iterative. The group’s discoveries, needs and learning inspire how the training program is designed. Everything we do is continuously anchored in theory. Activation of all senses and mindful presence are fundamental elements of the pedagogical approach. We use a digital platform to communicate and help each other between the meet-ups.

Self-Organising Leadership – Themes/Content

  • Personal awareness, core competencies and organizational preconditions for high autonomy
  • Self-regulation on individual, team, and organisational level 
  •  The art of listening, a coaching stance, dialogue and meaningful conversations 
  • Team development and self-leadership
  • Collective decision-making
  • Field theory, systems theory and complexity theory 
  • Feedback and feedforward
  • Power and intersectionality
  • Creativity, play and innovation
    (read more about the themes here

Program design
The training program involves 11 training days, 5 video meetings, individual coaching, self directed studies and an examination assignment which leads to a final training certificate. 

Dates and places, 2021
A total of 9 training sessions in Stockholm, Gothenburg and virtually (Zoom)

Session no. 1. March 15, Startup, Zoom
Session no. 2. April 13-15, Stockholm – no accomodation provided
Session no. 3. June 3, Zoom
Session no. 4. September 7-8, Gothenburg – residential
Session no. 5. October, 18, Zoom
Session no. 6. under planning, Gothenburg – residential
Session no. 7. under planning, Zoom
Session no. 8. under planning, Stockholm – no accomodation provided
Session no. 9. under planning, 18, Zoom

Individual Coaching
The program includes 6 sessions with a Gestalt trained coach.

Self-directed studies
Literature, articles, podcasts, and videos. Study visits and shadowing might occur based on the needs and interests of the participants.


Greta Rask, Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations and a Gestalt Therapist. For more than 30 years she’s nurtured a curiosity in the process of releasing creativity, courage and change power in organizations. She sees the limitations of the hierarchical organization and wants to support future activists who have the courage and capacity to challenge the prevailing paradigm.

Lennart Wärmlind, Gestalt Practitioner in Organisation. Lennart supports leaders, teams and organisations that want to work more self-organised, by helping them to connect the power that resides in everyone’s leadership. He wants to contribute to whole leaders authentic dialogues and dynamic organisations.

Bodil Björnberg, Gestalt Practitioner in organizations. Bodil works in organizations that want to change their way of working, becoming more agile, usually in IT. The names of her roles vary, but it always involves standing firmly in the midst of change and supporting people in finding their own way forward.

Inspirational contributors
James Priest, one of the co-founders of Sociocracy 3.0

Jonna Bornemark, associate professor of philosophy and a critical voice related to the ‘measuring hysteria’ in organizations

Kalle Persson, product manager at Volvo Car Mobility and Anna Sandström, Agile Coach in the same companyRead more about the trainers and inspirational contributors here.

Read more about the trainers and inspirational contributors here

64 000 SEK ex VAT.
There is no VAT for participants from countries outside of Sweden.

Accomodation for the sessions held in Gothenburg and literature is not included. The training days in Stockholm will take place at Södermalm, central Stockholm. No accomodation is provided, the participants organise this. 

Number of participants

More information
The training gives access to applying to the Organizational Program at the Gestalt Academy. 

If you want to know more about the training program – Self Organizing Leadership, please contact

Lennart Wärmlind, +46 70-379 15 82
Bodil Björnberg, +46 76-831 48 62
Greta Rask, +46 70-779 60 33

The Gestalt Academy, +46 8-10 81 71

Last day to apply is January 30, 2021.

The applicants will be contacted by the trainers. 

I want to apply to this program