Promoting change with more impact and less pain in organizations, territories, communities and networks

Kurs på engelska i samarbete med Eugenio Moliní och Marisa Vara

Passa på! Torsdag den 22 september kl. 18.00–20.30 håller kursledare Eugenio Moliní ett kostnadsfritt, digitalt seminarium som ger en bra inblick i kursens innehåll. Anmäl dig till seminariet här!

Kursinnehåll och schema (på engelska)

A CaseWork based training for Change Leaders – Fall 2022 – Online and in Stockholm

32 hours in 6 sessions.
Maximum 16 participants

Trainers: Eugenio Moliní & Marisa Vara

What will you learn?
It is our experience that much pain is caused by Change Leaders who want to make the world a
better place. To support them to promote change with more impact and less pain, we have
designed this training weaving seamlessly concepts, approaches, methods and experiential learning.

Who is it for?
This is a training for Change Leaders who:

  • either lead an organization with multiple ongoing change processes,
  • or have formal responsibility for a specific change process within the organization or at the
    interface with its environment of operations,
  • or support change processes as internal or external consultant or expert,
  • or promote change in the territory where they live, the communities they are part of or the
    networks they connect to.

Content and Process

  1. Concepts & approaches. You will learn concepts that inform two dimensions of the practice
    as Change Leader in a complex world:
    • Professional Practice. Systemic and Field approaches. Patterns at multiple scales of time
    and space. Constraints. Complexity and chaos.
    • Personal Practice. Vocation and vulnerability. Passion and compassion.
  2. Methods. Three methods for Case Work: Cognitive, Embodied and Listening Circle
  3. Experiential learning. During the Case Work sessions, every participant will at least once
    present a case he/she is currently working on, getting the support of the rest of the trainees,
    and offering them the opportunity to apply concepts and methods to the case presented


Session 1: Case work method – Case work (4 cases). November 10th 09.00–17.00 (Stockholm)

Session 2: Case work – 4 cases. November 24th 13.00–17.30 (Online)

Session 3: Art and craft. December 8th 13.00–17.30 (Online)

Session 4: Case work (4 cases). January 12th 13.00–17.30 (Online)

Session 5: Case work (4 cases). January 26th 13.00–17.30 (Online)

Session 6: Passion and compassion – Listening circle. February 9th 09.00–17.00 (Stockholm)


19.000 SEK + 25% moms (vat)


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Vill du veta mer?

Torsdag den 22 september kl. 18.00–20.30 håller kursledare Eugenio Molinì ett kostnadsfritt, digitalt seminarium som ger en bra inblick i kursens innehåll. Anmäl dig till seminariet här!

Om kursledarna

Eugenio Moliní
OD-consultant since 1990. His specialty is to design, facilitate and support
transformational processes.
He has worked with internal change processes and at the interface
between organizations and their environment of operations, as well as
with networks, communities, and territories. He has had assignments
mostly in Sweden and Spain, but also in Africa and Latin America. Among
his clients you find national, multinational and global companies, as well
as international, multilateral, national and local organizations.
Apart from his consulting practice, he is the initiator of GAIT, a network of people committed to
support each other to increase the impact of their interventions, while at the same time diminishing
the pain they cause

Marisa Vara
A psychologist by background, she spent more than 10 years working in a
global corporation in international HR roles. In her search for a meaningful
and fulfilling life, she decided 10 years ago to become a freelance
supporting individuals, teams and organisations who are willing to create
lively, open, and nurturing working environments where they can share
their talents and common humanity. Marisa works mainly in Spain and
France, but has also worked on projects across Europe, APAC, Latin
America and Egypt, for multinational companies, global consultancies and
coaching schools.
Together with Eugenio, she is one of the core team members of GAIT, where she is committed to
support and thrive in a community of like-minded/hearted professionals.