Launching Learning Playgrounds on Self-Organizing Leadership

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The world of work is searching for more liberating, engaging and trusting ways to lead and organize. Explore this shift by joining the launch of Learning Playgrounds for Brave Minds and Warm Hearts. Spaces where we expand our comfort zones, connect with our creativity, and grow skills to   support self-management and self-organizing leadership.

We share a passion for this shift, along with being firmly grounded in the Gestalt Approach. A theory and practice that inherently supports the new, healthier ways of organizing, leading and working that are now emerging. Together with you, we want to create playgrounds where we can grow personally and professionally to embrace and navigate successfully in uncertainty. One playground is a one-year immersion program, the other is a virtual learning community.

The shift towards self-organizing leadership requires an experimental approach to learning, both on a personal and organizational level, which is exactly what we want to offer you. To know more about our two Learning Playgrounds –  join our Release Party. Curiosity or a vague longing to influence this shift is enough to join us. Welcome on October 14, 15.00 – 17.00 CET. Sign up here.

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Bodil, Greta, and Lennart, in collaboration with The Gestalt Academy of Scandinavia.

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